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Defense Cleaning Spray | 萬用清潔保養液 - 32oz

Defense Cleaning Spray | 萬用清潔保養液 - 32oz


    Defense Cleaning Spray is an advanced cleaner that uses natural ingredients to rid your grime. Simply pour the 4oz bottle of concentrate into the dispenser and fill the rest with ordinary tap water. Spray and wipe— that's all you have to do to keep your designated place (be it home, car, shelf, bathroom, gym, sporting equipment, etc.) clean and fresh. Recommend shaking before use. Defense Cleaning Spray is NOT intended for walking surfaces as the residual essential oil may cause surface to be slippery. 


    Tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. 

  • 產品介紹

    • 採用百分百全天然原料,並蘊含5%藥用級茶樹和尤加利油,其他成分為玉米提取物
    • 適合清潔家具表面、運動設備、運動鞋、汽車座椅及內部等,用途廣泛
    • 用法簡單,一噴一抹,無需過水
    • 有效徹底清潔及去除細菌、污垢和氣味
    • 建議使用前先搖勻
    • 不適用於行走表面,以免遺留的精油使行走表面滑溜
    • 用法:將整支保養液倒入噴霧瓶中,加水至滿便可
    • 可獨立購買保養液濃縮補充裝
    • •產自美國


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