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Defense Soap -- a highly reputable brand for quality, premium, 100% natural soap -- originated in the United States, developed specifically for children. It has been promoting the benefits of natural ingredients for use in the prevention of skin problems since 2005. It started by discovering that many children and adult products in the marketplace typically contained skin irritants or harmful chemicals. By taking everything harmful out of the ingredients, Defense Soap was left with a pure soap base added with the finest, unadulterated tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. This success has developed into a reputable brand for premium quality personal care products today, which prides itself for reaching to customers all over the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia.


Defense Soap line of products, manufactured in the United States and Canada, are formulated with≧2% of only the purest, all-natural, pharmaceutical grade (highest grading) essential botanicals (tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil). These oils have been clinically proven to have natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, and when put into soaps, not only are they effective at protecting against and relieving different skin problems, but they also create a healthcare system designed specifically for children, mothers, people surrounded by polluted air and germs, direct contact and combat athletes, or anyone interested in 100% safe, 100% natural personal care products. With the right concentration and premium quality of essential oils formulated with all natural ingredients, many users have found Defense Soap products to be effective against different types of skin problems, yet safe for a day-to-day use. 


Contain no harmful chemicals, and excellent for children and people with sensitive skin.


Defense Soap, defend what you have built.

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